Purchasing a new home is one of the largest decisions of a lifetime, and it is essential to know that you have purchased a home from a builder who cares about quality and helping you when something unexpected happens.

What is covered?

Your home is covered under a 1-2-10 new construction warranty, and the exact language from the Minnesota Office of Registrar can be found here. To summarize:

One Year Workmanship Warranty: A one-year warranty that covers any manufacturer or craftsmanship defects. Your home shall be free from defects in workmanship and or defective materials due to non-compliance with building standards. Please note that your new home requires active maintenance by you, the homeowner. Damage caused by a homeowner’s improper maintenance or operation is excluded. Items such as drywall cracking and screw pops will be addressed at your 1-Year Check In to allow the home and materials time to acclimate to all four seasons.

Two Year Mechanical Warranty: A two-year warranty that covers mechanical installations, including electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling systems. All mechanical equipment and fixtures are warrantied through the specific manufacturer. These systems should be free of defects and working according to building standards. Please refer to your New Home Maintenance Schedule and all system handbooks to best care for these systems.

Ten Year Structural Warranty: A ten-year warranty that covers any major construction defects involving all load bearing structures.

Scheduling Warranty Service

To request warranty service within the terms of your warranty, you must report everything in writing within a year of your closing date. To submit a warranty service request, please email customercare@crafthomesmn.com. It is your responsibility as the homeowner to contact Craft Homes with any warrantable concerns. All warranty requests for service will be addressed at your 60 Day & 1-Year Check-ins. In case of emergency, contact numbers are listed on the major mechanical appliances in your home.

60 Day Check-In

Please submit your 60-day checklist within 30-60 days of closing on your home.

One-Year Check-In

Please submit your 1-Year checklist 11 months after closing on your home to ensure all warrantable items are addressed by the one-year expiration date. Check for drywall touch-ups – including cracking and screw pops that may occur as your home acclimates to all four seasons.